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Homeowners across the country are growing more and more interested in making their homes more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, but doing this is often difficult, and it might require significant construction and remodeling. If you're looking for an easy yet effective way to increase your home's energy efficiency, the solar control window films we offer at D&S Window Tinting can be an excellent option.

Solar control film for windows is a cost-effective, yet efficient way to participate in passive solar heating. There's no significant remodeling to do—just the application of film to your windows. You'll be able to take advantage of solar heating in your home, and our professional New Jersey window tinting company experts will be here to help.

We'll help you select solar control window films for your home, and we'll install them professionally to ensure that you're getting the most out of this excellent product. All of the work and the products that we provide come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Why Hire Us for Your Solar Control Film Installation?

At D&S Window Tinting, we provide only the best quality products to our clients. Our goal is to save you money on your energy needs, and we don't consider the job finished until you are 100% satisfied with our work. All of our window tinting professionals are trained in and knowledgeable the latest techniques in the industry so that we can always deliver high quality work.

How Do Solar Control Window Films Works?

By absorbing solar energy and heat, solar control window films will decrease the amount of heat that enters your New Jersey home or commercial property through your windows. This makes it much easier for your air conditioner to maintain cooler temperatures without expending nearly as much energy. You'll have cooler and more comfortable temperatures along with lower monthly energy costs.

Benefits of Solar Control Window Films

  • Lower Energy Costs

Solar control window films lower heat loss through windows by improving the insulation of glass by up to 92%. During the summer months, these window films will drastically lower your monthly energy costs.

  • Block Heat and Glare

Solar control films will correct temperature imbalances in any building, and they'll block glares, so they'll significantly improve the comfort of your New Jersey home or commercial property.

  • Reduce Fading

This window tinting will filter out 99% of harmful UV rays, which can cause fading in fabrics, furniture, and, in retail environments, display merchandise.

  • Great Appearance, Long Life

With their proprietary scratch-coating, they will stay looking new for years, even after repeated cleanings.

Tinting Products

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