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Today's window films are made of materials that are more flexible, more durable, provide better UV protection, and come in a variety of decorative choices for your home or commercial Hightstown business.

Do you remember that old window tint that they manufactured to apply on vehicle windows? Do you recall how no matter how you tried to apply it, it seemed it would always end up bubbling and peeling up at the edges? Then most people would end up trying to scrape it off with a razor blade -What a mess!

Things have come a long way in this world, with new inventions and technologies that make our lives richer and better. The same is true in the manufacturing of window films for homes and commercial businesses. Throw out that old idea of what window tinting in Hightstown is all about because everything has changed.

D & S Window Tinting would love to show you some options in high-tech window films you'll love. They are great for many uses including:

  • Privacy
  • Safety & Security
  • Solar Protection
  • Vandalism
  • Graffiti
  • Breaking Glass
  • Reduce Glare

Solar Window Films For Hightstown

D & S Window Tinting has the best in solar window tinting for your Hightstown residential home or commercial business. This film has a list of features which make it desirable for solar protection, safety, security, and privacy.

You'll be astounded at the difference in the way your windows handle sunlight. And you'll have plenty of options with how your windows appear, from clear to an etched glass look and more -you're sure to be happy with the results.

This film is manufactured to keep out solar heat. You'll get up to 99% blockage of harmful UV rays, reduce your cooling costs by up to 30%, and better maintain temperature consistency from one room of your home to another. You'll also enjoy reduced glare for improved television and computer screen viewing.

Hightstown Decorative Window Films

One of the things you'll love in decorative window films is that there are so many options available today. Not only has the material improved, but with this new material you can also dress your windows or fixed glass areas with designs like etched glass, cut glass, sandblasted glass, textured glass, stained glass, and more. These styles will give you decorative solutions that bring value to your home.

Let us help you find the right window films for your Hightstown home or commercial business. You'll love our affordable, durable window tinting products and services!

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