How Our Smart Solar Control Films Let In The View But Not The Heat

New Jersey Solar Control Film Service

Instead of getting all technical about how our solar control films control the heat coming through the windows while still letting in the view and light, we'll try to keep it simple.

The first order of business is to go over some of the terms which describe what happens with energy and how it can pass through windows. Then we'll go over how our solar control films block it.

About Solar Energy & Windows

The sun produces solar energy. This is radiant heat that radiates, or expands, from the source. This heat is not air blown. Light and heat travel on the sun's UV ray spectrum. This energy passes through objects and heats them as it travels.

Heat transference is a term that describes how energy passes through something like window glass. If it's colder outside, the heat from the home will transfer to the outdoors. If it's warmer outside, that heat will transfer to the indoors.

Solar energy produces three types of light. They are ultraviolet light, visible light, and infrared light. UV light is harmful to us. It also damages and fades furnishings, carpeting, wood, and more.

Did you know that the sun outputs more energy than we as a race consume every 1.5 millionths of a second? This is information from NASA. That's a lot of energy.

How Solar Control Films Block Heat

New technologies have developed solar blocking window film products. This film is placed on the window by our New Jersey window tinting company, so energy does not pass through it. In fact, heat can be blocked up to 60%, infrared light up to 97%, and UV rays up to 99.9% with solar window films. You get visible light without the heat and harmful UV ray damages.

How Solar Control Films Help New Jersey Homes & Businesses

It's quite remarkable to be able to trap the heat indoors while still getting a great view from our windows here in New Jersey. Every winter, homes all over are losing energy through windows.

Our solar control films keep the energy where it needs to be whether it's winter or summer. Energy efficiency is a priority for everyone today. You don't have to lose the view by using solar drapes or shades. And you won't need to go through the expense of replacing the windows.

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